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Displacement and Difference: Contemporary Arab visual culture in the diaspora

9781872843223Displacement and Difference: Contemporary Arab visual culture in the diaspora (ISBN 9781872843223) offers the first survey of its kind of the work of women artists of Arab descent based in the Middle East, Europe and North America. Buy this book

This ground-breaking volume, edited by Fran Lloyd, in Saffron Asian Art and Society Series (Series Editor: Sajid Rizvi) brings together artists, curators, critics and scholars from a range of geographies who engage with the multiplicity and diversity of Arab identities imaged by contemporary Arab artists in the diaspora. Centring on images produced by artists working in the diasporas of Britain, the Arab world and the United States, the authors rethink the processes which constitute ‘belonging’ (and therefore ‘unbelonging’) through gender, geographies, race, ethnicity, religion and sexuality, the specificities of different diasporic spaces, and the multiple ways in which shifting and intersecting points of identification are negotiated and re-presented in contemporary visual art practices.

Moving beyond issues of the gaze and the ‘other’ this volume offers new ways of considering the complex interplay between the cultural politics of location, memory, and embodiment through an investigation of the specificities of difference and displacement in the long neglected area of contemporary Arab visual culture in the diaspora.

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1 Introduction: Images, Diasporas and Difference. Fran Lloyd. 10
2 Internationalism and Art: Re-evaluating the Concepts of Beauty and Individuality. Els van der Plas. 24
3 American-Arab Artists and Multiculturalism in America. Salwa Mikadadi Nashashibi. 32
4 Mobile Identity and the Focal Distance of Memory. Sabiha Khemir. 42
5 Our Bodies, Our Orient and Art. Mai Ghoussoub. 52
6 Palestine Art: Imaging the Motherland. Tina Sherwell. 62
7 Enacting Vision: a Personal Perspectives. Houria Niati. 74
8 Re-Making Ourselves: Art, Memories and Materialities. Fran Lloyd. 81
Artists’ Biographies. 157
Artists’ Bibliographies. 181
Contemporary Arab Art: General Bibliography. 189
List of Illustrations. 197
Notes on Contributors. 201
Index. 203

About the Volume Editor

Fran Lloyd, editor of the volume, was Head of the School of Art and Design History at Kingston University, London at the time of this publication (2001, just after 9/11)/ Trained as an art historian at the University of Manchester, she has published widely on contemporary visual culture. Editor of Deconstructing Madonna, Contemporary Arab Women’s Art: Dialogues of the Present, and co-editor of Secret Spaces, Forbidden Places: Rethinking Culture, she is contributing a forthcoming chapter in Feminist Visual Culture. Her current research focuses on issues of gender and difference in contemporary art in Britain and in Japan. Editor’s Note: This biographical note is about as old as the book itself (piublished 2001) and may need updating. Buy this book

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