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Welcome to EAPGROUP.COM Contact Form (further down below), a virtual Reception Desk from where you can be directed to a relevant department or which you can use to make contact right away.


This website serves as an introduction to EAPGROUP services and also as an entrée to the main Web presence for Eastern Art Report at EasternArt and the first port of call for other journals, periodicals and projects.

To join Eastern Art Report Forum go here.

To contact the Editor-in-Chief, other editors or news and listings desks please use this form as it is. Please be sure to make your query as comprehensive or specific as would (likely) get you the desired result.

To contact Sales, including Advertising Sales, please do as above or contact sales–at– or adsales–at–, or use the telephone or fax number listed below.

To submit editorial materials please use this form (if brief) or email ear–

In the first instance, if possible, please do not unload huge chunks of data on our overworked (and underpaid) editors. For Listings, please follow the guidelines for submission. To submit books or digital publications for review please email us first so that you can be directed to the correct address for sending books and other materials for review. Not all books and materials can be sent initially to our PO Box number address, as listed below. One standard practice is to send a brief introduction to the book, eg a Press Release. If a book is accepted for review, you’ll be asked to submit a high-resolution .jpg image for the front cover of the book.

To query Saffron Books please use the Contact Form below or email saffron–at– Alternatively please visit: for more information about books for sale or go directly to Saffron Books and Art independent art gallery and bookstore,

Booksellers, resellers, wholesalers and university book stores can use the Contact Form below to query availability, special deals or discounts, if applicable. If you think you qualify for a bookseller discount then query first, as the bookstore at is not configured to tailor deals or discounts other than those that it already offers. If you are within the European Union, you’ll be expected to submit your VAT number and postcode with your initial query about bookseller discounts.

You can query here for a back issue of Eastern Art Report, request a book search (cost-free) or submit proposals for submission of an article, a dissertation or thesis for editing and publication, an artist catalogue for editing, design and production, a book intended for publication or book-related services, such as book distribution and marketing, rights or translation. Further advice on these topics is also available at

For all other EAPGROUP journals and periodicals, including other digital publications, cited on this website please use, initially, the Contact Form below, including requests to submit books for review, proposals for publication of articles for EAPGROUP journals and magazines.

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