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Lida Sherafatmand: Catalogue Foreword

Foreword to the catalogue published on the occasion of the exhibition of works by Lida Sherafatmand, Internal Worlds, External Relations, St Petersburg, from the Honorary Consul of Malta in St Petersburg, Russia. Introduction | Interview | Interview Russian Text

Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Malta in St Petersburg is pleased to introduce and support the first exhibition of the Maltese artist Lida Sherafatmand in St Petersburg.

The opening of the exhibition of the artist from Malta, Lida Sherafatmand, can be considered a major event in the life of the cultural capital of Russia. This is the right direction after the exhibition in Moscow in 2010. Nothing brings people closer than Art, but we can make a note that if the Russian  art is well known in the Republic of Malta, its art, admittedly, less familiar to the Russian lovers of Arts.

This is the first reason for the importance of the exhibition in Russia of the Maltese artist. Especially, if to keep in mind that Lida Sherafatmand had studied at the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of International Relations of the University of Malta, and she is very interested in issues of international cooperation and peaceful coexistence of nations on the planet.

Another important reason for exploring the creativity world of the artist is her versatility in artistic creation; in fact, she is not only an artist and art jeweler, but also a poet.
Acquaintance with the poetry of Lida Sherafatmand provides an additional opportunity to get to know with the cultural life of Malta, its literature.

One more important aspect. The artist acquires a fast-growing international popularity, thanks not only to her works in the field of painting, in poetry, but also in studying and preserving, disseminating the teachings of the famous philosopher and humanist, “the man of the Earth” — Nicholas Roerich.

This passion and a desire to convey to the world, these ideas were expressed by her and published  in 2004 in the Manifesto dedicated to the humanities. At present time, it is signed by artists from 22 countries around the world.

And the title of the exhibition itself — “Internal Worlds, External Relations” – fully reflects the spirit of the artist’s creative direction.

Therefore, the venue of the exhibition is symbolic and meaningful. I would like to express my great appreciation to the director and staff of the Memorial Museum-Institute of the Roerikh Family in St Petersburg, to the St Petersburg city’s administration and its Committee for Culture for organizing this exhibition, which will allow visitors to get acquainted with one of the sides of the Maltese contemporary art.

This exhibition may serve as a prelude to a coming soon international cultural forum planned to be held in St. Petersburg in autumn. It is a pleasure to note that the Maltese artist Lida Sherafatmand opens a new exhibition season in St Petersburg, and will be one of the first foreign culture guests, who will decorate the palette of autumn period of the cultural life of the city.
Representing the artist from Malta, I note that on one of recent days there was accepted and announced the decision of the European Council to choose Malta’s capital, Valletta , to be the cultural capital of Europe in 2018.

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Malta 
in St Petersburg, Dr. Igor Onokov.

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