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Soad Hosny: A resurrection

Soad Hosny: A Resurrection in London is a brief showing of an exhibition that, with creative intervention by Egyptian artist Mohamed Abouelnaga, “revives” the iconic actress Soad Hosny through the medium of painting and photography.

HosnySoadAbouelnaga’s exhibition, which closes 12 October 2013, is offered as “a rare opportunity for the Western world to discover the multiple aspects of Hosny’s talents and legacy twelve years after her mysterious death in London,” writes Nada Sheikh-Yasin.

Soad Hosny, often called The Cinderella of Egyptian cinema, was born in Cairo in 1943 and became one of the most beloved sex symbols in the Arab World. Hosny had great screen presence with an unprecedented talent that made it easy for her to personify various characters in addition to her dancing and singing in many musical numbers throughout her classic films. Hosny’s life dramatically ended in 2001. Her body found under the balcony of an apartment she used to rent in London.

Hosny’s films and songs are still popular among the young and old generations of viewers across the Arab world. She was and continues to be an immortal figure for inspiration. According to Abouelnaga, Soad Hosny represented several layers of the Egyptian society after the 1952 Revolution, particularly the sixties.

Mirroring the multiplicity of these layers, Abouelnaga takes a still photograph from her memorable films, prints it on canvas or on paper, then works on the image using different acrylic colours, finishing it with layers of translucent materials such as silk and tulle. The completed work creates a shimmering effect to the viewer, echoing the beguiling character of the actress.

Also on view  during the show are a selection of Abouelnaga’s Cairo 11 series.

Janet Rady Fine Art, Gallery 8, Duke Street, St James, London, SWI. Opening hours: 10 am to 6 pm. Exhibition closes: 12 October 2013. Buy a link on this page.

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