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Islamic Art [Journal]

Islamic Art, International journal dedicated to the material cultures of the Muslim world, is distributed and marketed worldwide by Saffron Distribution, a Division of Saffron Books

Until its last issue, Islamic Art 2009, the journal ISSN 07933261 was edited by Ernst J Grube and Eleanor Sims. Further updates to Islamic Art editorial make-up can be expected.

Islamic Art is published jointly by the East-West Foundation, NY, USA, and the Bruschettini Foundation for Islamic and Asian Art, Genoa, Italy. Distributed worldwide by Saffron.

Islamic Art is a scholarly journal focused on the material culture of the Muslim world. Founded by Ernst J. Grube in 1980, it was modelled on the distinguished (but long-defunct) journal Ars Islamica.

In the ensuing decades, the perception of what may truly be called “the Muslim world” and its visual arts has expanded dramatically, so that the geographical scope of contributions to a journal devoted to the visual arts of Islam has also expanded dramatically, a world that now spreads eastward from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific, and northward from Africa to the Balkans, the Caucasus, and into China.

To date, six volumes have been published, as well as the first in a series of supplements.

Volume VI of Islamic Art is in print, and volume VII is in the planning stages, while the second and third supplement-volumes are also being planned.

About the Editors of Islamic Art

Ernst J Grube died in June 2011, but some of his unpublished work is due for publication. Grube received a doctorate from the Freie Universitaet in Berlin in 1955 and then was assistant to Ernst Kuehnel at the Staatliche Museen. In 1958 he went to The Metropolitan Museum in New York where, from 1962 to 1969 he worked in the Department of Islamic Art, becoming Curator in 1965; he was also Adjunct Professor of Islamic Art at Columbia University, and later taught Medieval and Islamic Art at the City University of New York. In 1972 he moved to Italy; there he taught Islamic art history, first in Padua and then, at the Oriental Institute in Naples, ultimately becoming Professor of Islamic Art at the University of Venice, where he taught between 1977 and 1988; between 1973 and 1978 he was also a member of the Italian Archaeological Mission in Iran. In the early 1980’s he founded the journal Islamic Art. He has written over 150 scholarly articles and reviews, and a number of books, on all aspects of Islamic art. Most recent are Keshte, a catalogue of the Wolf Collection of Central Asian embroideries, and a major study of the painted ceilings of the Cappella Palatina in Palermo, published as the first Supplement to Islamic Art in 2005. The second volume on ceramics in the Nasser D. Khalili Collection of Islamic Art, A Rival to China, Later Islamic Pottery, is in preparation.

Eleanor Sims has a doctorate in Islamic art history from the Institute of Fine Arts in New York City and has worked in the Islamic Department of The Metropolitan Museum. In the 1970’s she taught at the Universities of Minnesota and Pennsylvania, as well as spending parts of each year with the Italian Archaeological Mission in Iran, studying the painted surfaces of both the Mausoleum of Oljaytu, in Sultaniyyah, and the Safavid buildings of Isfahan. Since the early 1980’s, she has been professionally based in London, researching and writing on Islamic painting, and editing the journal Islamic Art with Ernst J. Grube. A prize-winning volume on the themes of Iranian painting, Peerless Images, was published in 2002. Forthcoming books include The Persian Book of Kings: The Windsor Castle Shahnama of 1648, with the late B. W. Robinson and Manijeh Bayani, written for the Roxburghe Club; and Visions of the Past: History and Epic Paintings from Iran and Turkey, based on the Nasser D. Khalili Collection.

Contributing to Islamic Art

Proposed contributions must be in English but may be of any length, from brief notes to extremely long pieces; illustrations are expected and may be proposed in both black/white and color.

Submissions are welcome from acknowledged scholars as well as from younger colleagues and advanced students.

Correspondence regarding proposed articles should be sent — by mail only — to the Editors in care of Saffron Books in the UK. Contact details must include a mailing address. As a general rule please submit proposals for submissions to Islamic Art to the following address:

The Editors

Islamic Art

Saffron Books EAP

PO Box 13666

London SW14 8WF
United Kingdom

Articles of shorter length on Islamic art subjects meant for publication in Eastern Art Report should be submitted to:

The Editor

Eastern Art Report


PO Box 13666

London SW14 8WF

United Kingdom

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