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Blanc de chine, by Liu Youzheng (Chinese)

Blanc de chine, by Liu Youzheng (in Chinese) contains some of the most significant works of the Chinese porcelain expert Liu Youzheng on blanc de Chine porcelain vessels. Papers in this volume trace typological sequences of nine vessel types. The author maintains this is the first time that archaeological research methodologies are used in porcelain studies, and this can also be viewed as an innovation based on the studies on more than four thousand Blanc de Chine vessels. The author of this book, Liu Youzheng, curator of the Museum of Chinese Cultural Relics, graduated from the department of archaeology at Jilin University, and was taught by the famous Chinese archaeologist Professor Zhang Zhongpei and other meritorious experts in Chinese archaeology. After graduation. Liu Youzheng first undertook archaeological excavations for more than eight years and was affiliated with many archaeological organisations, including the Tianjin Archaeological Team, the Museum of Tianjin, the Tianjin Company of Cultural Relics Management, Tianjin Bureau of Cultural Exchanges. He is currently the head of the Department of Cultural Development at Tianjin Culture Bureau and the director of the Emperor’s Ferry International Auction Co. Ltc (China). The contents of this book can be briefly introduced as follows:
Chapter One: Characteristics and historical conditions for Blanc de Chine porcelain production;
Chapter Two: The spread of Blanc de Chine and significant collectors;
Chapter Three: Seriation;
Chapter Four: Dating and statistical data;
Chapter Five: Details and typology, plum d cor, rock d cor, inscriptions and designs;
Chapter Six: Type vessels, incense burners, cups, vases and lion – decorated incense holders;
Chapter Seven: Buddhist figures;
Chapter Eight: A pattern of seriation and dating;
Chapter Nine: The achievements in Blanc de Chine production;
Appendix: Ceramic studies from an art historical perspective;
A catalogue of the Blanc de Chine collections in China and abroad;
List of illustrations
Chinese Summary by Liu Youzheng

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